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Die Casting Light Housing Made by Goldconn

Material: ADC12
Finish: Black powder coating
Manufactoring process: Die casting process
Application: Streetlight
Manufacturing process:
  • GD-411090
  • Goldconn

Welcome to visit Die casting process at GOLDCONN.COM, Goldconn focus on one stop solution of customized aluminum die casting from a new design to mass production. Including tooling desgin, tooling fabrication, die casting process, deburring process, CNC drilling/milling, all these will be done in house, as this Goldconn can well control the quality, lead time, cost to keep competitive always in the die casting industry.

Die casting has the following advantages;

• Excellent dimensional accuracy (dependent on casting material, but typically 0.1 mm for the first 2.5 cm (0.004 inch for the first inch) and 0.02 mm for each additional centimeter (0.002 inch for each additional inch).

• Smooth cast surfaces (Ra 1–2.5 micrometres or 0.04–0.10 thou rms).
• Thinner walls can be cast as compared to sand and permanent mould casting (approximately 0.75 mm or 0.030 in).
• Inserts can be cast-in (such as threaded inserts, heating elements, and high strength bearing surfaces).
• Reduces or eliminates secondary machining operations.
• Rapid production rates.
• Casting tensile strength as high as 415 megapascals (60 ksi).
• Casting of low fluidity metals

Product detailed specification as following

MaterialAluminum alloy ADC12
Surface TreatmentBlack powder coating
Main ProcessDie casting=> Deburring=>Polishing =>CNC milling=>Powder coating=>inspection=>Packing.
Quality ControlStrictly   Quality control in the whole process, from material to packing
3D projector, caliper, Coordinate-measuring machine
ApplicationStreetlight, stage lamp,Stadium lights,etc,
Customized DrawingsAuto   CAD, PDF, STP, IGS, are the most common using.




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