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Heatsink CNC Extrusion Production Process

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Goldconn are a professional CNC processing manufacturer, mainly producing aluminum heatsink, metal housings, precision micro usb connectors. aluminum heatsink have high process requirements, let's introduce:

1. Regarding the test of the mold with high density teeth and a large tongue ratio, the first aluminum rod must be a short aluminum rod of 150-200mm or a pure aluminum rod.

2. Before testing the mold, the extrusion center must be adjusted. The extrusion shaft, the ingot barrel and the die outlet are on a center line.

3. During the trial mode and normal consumption process, the heating temperature of the aluminum rod should be ensured between 480-520℃.

4. The mold heating temperature has a temperature in the normal range, controlled at about 480 ℃, the holding time of the flat mold with a diameter of less than 200mm should not be less than 2 hours, if the split mold is kept for more than 3 hours; the mold with a diameter greater than 200mm is kept 6 hours to ensure the average temperature of the mold core and the outside temperature.

5. Before the mold test or consumption, the cylinder liner must be used to clean the liner of the ingot cylinder, and check whether the extruder runs normally.

6. The extruder automatically switches off when the trial mode or consumption is just started, and the switch of each segment is reset to zero position. Gradually start the pressure from the minimum pressure, discharge for about 3-5 minutes, mainly control the pressure during the aluminum filling process. The pressure is controlled within 100Kg/cm2, the ammeter data is within 2-3A, ordinary 80-120Kg/cm2 can be discharged, and then it can be gradually accelerated. The extrusion speed during normal consumption is subject to the pressure less than 120 Kg/cm2.

 7. During the mold trial or consumption process, if the mold is blocked, skewed, too fast or too slow, it should be stopped immediately, and the mold should be unloaded in a point-back mode to prevent the mold from being scrapped.

8. During the trial or consumption process, the discharge port must be unobstructed, and the looseness of the pad support or fixtures should be reasonably controlled according to the discharge condition. Observe the abnormal situation at any time and deal with it in a timely manner. When it is time to stop, stop immediately.

9. During the straightening process, it is necessary to carefully detect the changes before and after, the operating standards, moderate effort, and strictly guarantee the quality of production.

10. According to the consumer plan, a reasonable length is requested. When sawing, the feeding speed of the sawtooth cannot be too fast to prevent the end from being injured. The end must be clamped to remove the flash and burrs.

11. The standard of the basket, including the reasonable arrangement of the pads to prevent damage to the profiles.

12. The aging temperature of the profile is controlled at 190±5℃, heat preservation is 2.5-4 hours, and the air cooling is stopped after the furnace is released.

As an aluminum heatsink extrusion manufacturer, we use CNC to process high-precision products such as radiators according to customer requirements, provide technical support and solutions, and satisfy customers, which has always been our goal.


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