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What Are The Commonly Used Welding Processes For Sheet Metal?

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Goldconn is a precision sheet metal manufacturer in China. Welding is often used in the processing of sheet metal parts. Commonly used welding methods include manual arc welding, C02 shielded welding, argon arc welding, etc.

Manual arc welding: Manual arc welding is a method of using manual welding rods and arc welding.

Advantages: wide welding materials, wide use occasions, and low joint assembly quality requirements.

Disadvantages: low work efficiency, welding quality depends on the skilled operator.

C02 shielded welding: generally suitable for welding steel thicker than 2mm, low melting point metals such as aluminum, tin, zinc, etc. cannot be used.

Advantages: high production efficiency, low welding cost, strong welding seam corrosion resistance, easy observation of welding formation process, and easy control of welding quality.

Disadvantages: The welding surface is not smooth, there are more splashes, the equipment is complicated, and the construction occasions are limited.

Argon arc welding: arc welding using argon as a shielding gas. The heat generated by argon welding is particularly large, which has a great influence on the workpiece, making the workpiece easy to deform, and thin materials are more likely to burn out.

Advantages: small deformation, suitable for welding thin plate materials less than 1.5mm, welding without spatter or pores, welding slag can not be removed after welding, welding materials are wide, and high quality.

Disadvantages: low work efficiency, high cost, easy to be polluted by tungsten electrodes, and windproof measures are needed for special occasions.


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