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Type C USB Connectors

Electrical Connector

Electrical connector is an electromechanical device for electronic products. Its purpose is to be able to quickly or easily disconnect or interrupt the circuit path. It is a bridge for transmitting signals and connecting current in electronic equipment. Depending on the application environment, frequency, and object, the choice of connector is different.

Electrical Connector Manufacturer in China

Goldconn is a professional Electrical connector manufacturer in China, specializing in the development, production and sales of type C connectors and micro USB connectors. We continue to develop various innovative connector products according to market trends, and strive to become your best, most reliable and innovative partner.

* More than 15 years of production experience

* OEM & ODM services are welcome.

* One-stop connector supplier, professional technology, reasonable price.

* Strict quality testing to ensure that the quality of products meets customer requirements.

Types of Electrical connectors Services we offers

Goldconn produces type c male & female connectors, micro USB connectors and antennas. Electrical connectors drastically reduce the time, effort and manpower needed for manufacturing, assembling and installing electrical devices, their components as well as wiring.

Electrical Connector production process

electrical connector Assembly machine

Auto assembling machines for connectors

electrical connector Molding workshop

Injection overmolding for connectors

electrical connector Assembly workshop

Auto assembling lines for connectors

electrical connector Stamping workshop

High speed precise stamping for connectors

Electrical Connector application
Goldconn Technologies provides electrical connection accessories and solutions for smartphones, computers and laptops, printers and copiers, 3C digital products, motors and set-top boxes, and automotive products.


  • What is a Type C electrical connector?

    The type C electrical connector is a connection interface of the USB interface. It does not need to distinguish between the front and back sides. It can be plugged in casually. Its size is about 8.3mm × 2.5mm. Like other interfaces, it supports USB standard charging, data transmission, display output and other functions.

  • What is a micro USB electrical connector?

    The Micro-USB electrical connector is smaller than standard USB and Mini-USB connectors, saving space and reducing the size by about 60%. Contains a stainless steel housing, with up to 10,000 insertion and removal life and strength.

  • How do electrical connectors work?

    The electrical connector connects the optical fiber and the optical fiber to enable the optical signal to smoothly transmit in the optical fiber. The device can be repeatedly connected and removed to transmit current or signal.

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