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CNC Machining Services

Metal parts processing service is a process technology that processes raw metal materials into articles, parts and components. Goldconn provides CNC machining services, CNC turning service, 5-Axis CNC Machining service, Die casting service, and metal stamping service.

Capabilities of CNC Machining Services

5-Axis CNC Machining

Five-axis machining mainly processes parts with relatively complex shapes, requiring machining tools to be positioned and connected in five degrees of freedom.

Five-axis machining is mainly used in the aerospace field to process body parts, turbine parts and impellers with freeform surfaces, which can greatly improve the processing efficiency of parts with complex shapes.

What is the CNC Machining Process

1. According to the product drawings, understand the basic requirements of the product, such as dimensional accuracy, geometric tolerance, surface roughness, workpiece material, hardness, work performance and number of workpieces, etc.





4. According to the parts drawing and the developed process content, then carry out CNC programming according to the instruction code and program format specified by the CNC system used.




2. Carry out CNC machining process analysis according to the requirements of product drawings, including the structural processability analysis of parts, the rationality analysis of materials and design accuracy, and rough process steps, etc.





5. Input the programmed program into the CNC device of the CNC machine tool through the transmission interface. After adjusting the machine tool and calling this program, you can process parts that meet the requirements of the drawing.




3. According to the process analysis, formulate all the process information required for processing-such as: process route, process requirements, tool trajectory, displacement, cutting amount (spindle speed, feed, knife depth) and auxiliary functions (Tool change, spindle forward or reverse, cutting fluid on or off), etc., and fill in the process card and process card.


Benefits of using CNC machining

1、Reduce material and labor costs

3、Stable processing quality and high processing precision

5、Provide fast CNC processing solutions.

2、Improve production efficiency

4、Simplify complex design


  • What can CNC machines make?

    1. Product parts that are periodically put into production

    2. High-precision product parts

    3. Product parts for mass production

    4. Multi-station and process product parts that can be concentrated

    5. Product parts with complex shapes

    6. Product parts that are difficult to measure

  • How much does CNC machining cost?

    The cost of CNC processing mainly includes

    1. The complexity and precision requirements of CNC machining parts.

    2. Processing time with machine

    3. Number of products to be processed

  • Applications of CNC Machining?

    There are many applications for CNC machining, including four major industries:

    Aviation industry

    Power Industry

    Shipbuilding industry

    Auto industry

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