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[Company News] Safety Production Training In Goldconn
In order to ensure the safety of employees in the operation of equipment, our company will often hold safety production training to enhance employees' safety awareness and operation norms
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[Company News] Good Start for 2021
The spring is bright, everything is revived, and the booming firecrackers kicked off a prosperous new year for Goldconn. The partners who returned from the Spring Festival holiday were happy, embraced and greeted each other, and sent sincere wishes to each other.In the new year, Goldconn will carry
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[Company News] Goldconn Invested The New Cnc Machines To Meet Customer'S Requirement
Goldconn thanks all our customers for their support and help for a long time.In order to meet the company's business development, the continuously increasing demand for production orders, enhance the company's capital strength, and improve profitability, Goldconn has newly purchased a batch of large
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[Company News] Goldconn Trainning
With the continuous strengthening of the global economic integration trend, the internal and external challenges faced by enterprises have become more and more severe. The realization of the company's vision and future depends directly on the competitiveness of the company.It is undeniable that the
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[Company News] Goldconn Organizes Fire Safety Drills
In order to further strengthen fire safety management, enhance employees’ awareness of fire safety, and improve fire emergency handling capabilities and emergency escape capabilities. On December 16, Dongguan Goldconn Precision Electronics Co., Ltd. invited a fire protection organization to conduct
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[Company News] CNC Machining Service & CNC Machining Process
CNC Machining Service & CNC Machining Process CNC Machining Services Metal parts processing service is a process technology that processes raw metal materials into articles, parts and components. Goldconn provides CNC machining services, CNC turning service, 5-Axis CNC Machining service, Die castin
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[Company News] Five axis CNC machining knowledge:
Five-axis cnc machining motion simulation check allows users to see the real situation of machine tool motion in actual machining on the screen, and use different machining strategies to compare machining results. The machine tool simulation can issue an alarm to indicate the area outside the machin
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[Company News] Factors to be considered in the selection of the surface processing method of CNC machining parts
The processing method of the surface of cnc machining parts depends on the technical requirements of the machining surface. However, it should be noted that these technical requirements are not necessarily the requirements stipulated in the parts drawing, and may sometimes be higher than the require
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