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Five axis CNC machining knowledge:

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Five-axis cnc machining motion simulation check allows users to see the real situation of machine tool motion in actual machining on the screen, and use different machining strategies to compare machining results. The machine tool simulation can issue an alarm to indicate the area outside the machining range of the machine tool and the area where collision may occur, ensuring the safety and reliability of the program. The use of machine tool motion simulation functions can ensure the maximum application of machine tool functions. For example, the user can know the different results of placing the workpiece in different positions on the machine bed or using different fixtures, and can see which part placement direction can get the best cutting effect.

An important basic feature is a digital control system. The CNC system is the prerequisite for the realization of automatic grinding machines. At present, China only uses CNC systems to manufacture grinding machines. Of course, the CNC system also needs other components, such as optimized software, some accessories, such as measuring system, trimming system, cooling system and so on. Although some components are commercially available, we are responsible for the normal operation of the entire grinding machine.

Abstract programming and difficult operation of five-axis cnc machining

This is a headache for every traditional CNC programmer. Three-axis machine tools have only linear coordinate axes, and five-axis CNC machine tools have various structural forms; the same CNC code can obtain the same processing effect for different three-axis CNC machine tools, but the NC code of a five-axis machine tool cannot be applied to all types Five-axis machine tool. In addition to linear motion, CNC programming should also coordinate the calculation of rotary motion, such as rotary angular stroke test, nonlinear error check, tool rotary motion calculation, etc. The amount of information processed is large, and NC programming is very abstract.

Five-axis CNC machining operations are closely related to programming skills. If users add special functions to the machine tool, programming and operation will be more complicated. Only after repeated practice, programmers and operators can master the necessary knowledge and skills. The lack of experienced programmers and operators is a major resistance to the promotion of five-axis cnc technology.


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