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Customized Metal Fabrication One Stop Solution - Goldconn

In Goldconn, we provide Customized metal fabrication one stop solution which helps its oversea customized more easier, more simpler and more efficiency to manage an complete supply chain for metal parts, including hard stamping/punching parts, sheet metal parts, die casting parts, CNCmachining/turning parts, extrusion aluminum heatsink, skiving heatsink and other metal components.

Hard Stamping/Punching Parts

In Goldconn, there are various of stamping machine size, from 50T to 800T which can support customized from small size to large size in both single die and progressive die for medium and huge quantity.

Sheet Metal Parts

Goldconn provides customized sheet metal fabrication for both ODM and OEM products by CNC punching and laser cutting, we support fast lead time for prototype, small trial run batch to meet customer’s quick turn qualification process.

Die Casting Parts

Goldconn is an experienced manufacturer who mainly specialized in customized die casting parts and focus on one stop solution of customized die casting service from a new design to mass production for its customized since year 2012.

CNC Machining/Turning Parts

There are total 155 sets CNC machines in Goldconn, including 3 axis, 4-axis, 5-axis which bring strong capacity to fulfill various of machining requirements, quick turn prototype, small batch for trial run, large batch for series production.

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