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      Goldconn is your complete solution to outsource manufacturing who offering custom connector and metal solutions for global market. We provide experienced manufacturing services, our expertise in engineering and manufacturing technology, and supply chain management for our customers in communication devices, automotive products, medical equipment, home appliances, measurement equipment, instrumentation equipment, new energy EV and other fields.
Developing capability
  Goldconn offers value-added engineering services to our customers. With extensive experiences in electro-mechanical products, our engineering team can provide DFM/DFX inputs to your current product design, work closely with you in the early phase to develop manufacturing processes, build prototypes and samples, and bring it to successful product launch and mass production.
Rapid Prototype service
  Goldconn supports a quick turn process for rapid prototypes to customer initial approval procedure.
Manufacturing service
  Goldconn provides manufacturing services for our OEM/ODM customers. Our manufacturing facility allows our customers to benefit from the low labor and overhead costs, while our experienced team executes cost-effective operations even for high-mix low-volume production.
  We have space available to support expansion of our customers' production to meet increasing demand. We can also support dedicated production lines for our customers.
Supply Chain service
  Goldconn also offers turnkey materials management to our customers. Our extensive network of sources locally provides an access to the low-cost supply base of mechanical parts.

Logistic service
 Ship via customer's account as requires. 
 Ship the goods to customer's forwarder as requires. 
 supporting Partial shipment as needed.

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The company is headquartered in Dongguan City, and has    three production plants located in Dongguan, Kunshan and Jiangsu. At present, the company has 1,100 employees  (including branch offices), with a total area of  58,000 square meters....
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