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[Industry News] Reasons to Use Stainless Steel for Sheet Metal Fabrication Projects
Stainless steel is expensive and has many shortcomings, for example, it needs to be processed with high-quality equipment and is prone to welding difficulties. But this does not mean that you cannot use stainless steel for metal manufacturing projects.According to the custom sheet metal fabrication
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[Industry News] Things to consider when looking for a sheet metal manufacturer
Whether you are in the electronics industry, healthcare industry, automotive industry, construction industry, or any other industry, you will see the use of sheet metal in different applications. Sheet metal is everywhere. If you are engaged in any of these industries, you will need a professional p
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[Industry News] Advantages Of Laser Welding Type C Connector
Type C connectors are widely used in information communication products such as personal computers and mobile devices, and expanded to other related fields such as photographic equipment, digital TVs (set-top boxes), and car control system.Automatic laser welding technology is mainly used in the pro
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[Industry News] USB Type C Connector China Manufacturer - Goldconn
Goldconn, as a usb type c connector China manufacturer, can be produced, modified, opened, and designed circuits according to customer requirements, providing one-stop service.
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[Industry News] Advantages of USB 3.1 Type C connector
The emergence of the USB3.1 Type C connector has played a very important role, and more and more devices have begun to use USB 3.1 type c. Why is the USB3.1 Type C connector popular? Today, Goldconn will let you know about the advantages of the USB3.1 Type C connector.The data transmission speed of
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[Industry News] 5 Ways To Improve Your Custom Sheet Metal Parts
Custom sheet metal fabrication is unique in various manufacturing processes. The best way to ensure high-quality sheet metal parts is to consult and utilize precision sheet metal fabrication manufacturers like Goldconn with more than 10 years of experience. Goldconn will teach you five skills. By fo
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[Industry News] Skills To Reduce The Cost Of Custom Sheet Metal Parts
People often ask us the best way to reduce the cost of custom sheet metal parts. Fortunately, for our customers, there are countless ways to achieve this goal. As the leading precision sheet metal fabrication manufacturer in China, Goldconn teaches you the best way to reduce the cost of parts by sli
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[Industry News] Did You Choose The Right USB Type C Connector?
The usb type c connector, as an interface profile standard, has many types in the market. You may be wondering, why is the usb type c connector divided into categories? The root cause is cost. For powerful Type C products, if all functions are integrated, the cost of the interface will become very e
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[Industry News] What Are The Tips For Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication?
With the continuous increase of custom sheet metal parts, the development speed of the custom sheet metal fabrication industry is getting faster and faster, and the scope of application is getting wider and wider. As the product use conditions are getting wider and wider, consumers pay more attentio
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