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[Company News] Safety Production Training In Goldconn
In order to ensure the safety of employees in the operation of equipment, our company will often hold safety production training to enhance employees' safety awareness and operation norms
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[Industry News] Metal Fabrication VS Sheet Metal Fabrication
Many machine parts that are important for repair and replacement are the product of metal fabrication. The importance of metal fabrication in manufacturing and industry cannot be overstated. This process plays an essential role in manufacturing and is often the foundation and support for sheet metal
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[Industry News] How to Choose a USB Type C Connector?
USB connectors were introduced in the mid-1990s and have since evolved in size, shape, and data and power transfer capabilities. Today, the latest physical standard is Type C. In addition to greater bandwidth and bi-directionality, and reversibility, this latest iteration is capable of significantly
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[Industry News] Sheet Metal: What's the different between welding and metal fabrication?
Many people refer to welding and metal fabrication as if they were two different words for the same process. While both processes require the use of metal, the terms are not interchangeable. Metal fabrication can be described as the process of making a product from metal. Welding is usually a part o
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[Industry News] What devices use USB Type C connector?
Due to its reversible design and wide range of features, the USB Type C connector has become the most favored interface for electronic devices in recent years. You can use one USB-C cable for all your different devices without worrying about plugging it correctly. Since USB Type C is so popular, wha
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[Industry News] The difference between soldering and welding?
Soldering and welding are terms that are often mentioned in sheet metal fabrication and are often used interchangeably. It can be confusing, and there may be a number of you who can't tell the difference between soldering and welding when they are two different techniques with different applications
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[Industry News] Are USB Type C connectors waterproof? USB C connector trends
Electronic devices have filled all aspects of our lives with the development of technology and techniques. They have become an inseparable part of our daily lives. Therefore, electronic devices are often encountered in our daily lives and various disasters, such as spills or even when dropped into t
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[Industry News] How thin can you get sheet metal? Sheet metal thickness knowledge sharing
Sheet metal is a variety of parts made from thin metal sheets through the sheet metal fabrication process. The standard sheet metal thickness is generally between 0.5 and 6 mm. Still, for some applications, we may want the sheet metal to be as thin as possible, so you may wonder how thin can you get
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