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[Industry News] Introduction to Sheet Metal Fabrication Tools
Custom sheet metal fabrication relies on a special set of tools across its processes to force the metal into the desired shape. Across multiple categories, however, CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machines have become a popular tool. CNC machines are computers that are programmed to perform sp
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[Industry News] Industries and Applications for Fabricating Sheet Metal
Sheet metal fabrication is a very flexible process, so it can be used in most industries to create everything from components to automotive bodies. Some industries that rely on it include the aerospace, construction, automotive, HVAC, consumer goods, robotics, agricultural, electronics, and energy s
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[Industry News] How To Choose Materials For Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication?
Different sheet metal materials have different effects. Some are made of ordinary cold-rolled sheets, and some are composite sheet metals. Because of the degree of processing, the different materials used will affect the effect of the entire sheet metal products.The selection of the correct material
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[Industry News] Heatsink CNC Extrusion Production Process
We are a professional CNC processing manufacturer, mainly producing aluminum heatsink, metal housings, precision micro usb connectors
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[Industry News] 5G Base Station Sheet Metal Processing
The three major operators are vigorously developing 5G network construction. 5G network construction is inseparable from the application of 5G base stations. However, the deployment of base stations requires consideration of outdoor environments, which directly face the threat from thunderstorms. Th
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[Industry News] What is the difference between Micro-USB connector and Type-c connector?
With the rapid development of technology, the speed of mobile phone updates and iterations is getting faster and faster, and the functions are becoming more and more abundant. In particular, the traditional Micro-USB connector for Android phones has been gradually replaced by the Type-C connector. S
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[Industry News] How Does Waterproof Type C Connector Realize Waterproof?
With the penetration of small consumer electronic devices into all aspects of our lives, Type C female connectors need to adapt to various environments. The waterproof type c connector is one of them, which has the function of waterproof protection while ensuring the integrity of the signal. When th
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[Industry News] What Are The Benefits Of Skived Fin Heat Sinks?
There are many kinds of manufacturing processes for custom heat sinks. According to different product designs of different powers, the heat sink production process will be different. For high power heatsink, skived heat sinks production technology has developed rapidly in recent years, and even repl
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[Industry News] Precision CNC Machining, Embracing The Era Of Robots
In the production lines of intelligent precision cnc machining, the scene of rows of unified machines replacing manual to process precision mechanical parts has become commonplace.
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