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Goldconn Organizes Fire Safety Drills

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In order to further strengthen fire safety management, enhance employees’ awareness of fire safety, and improve fire emergency handling capabilities and emergency escape capabilities. On December 16, Dongguan Goldconn Precision Electronics Co., Ltd. invited a fire protection organization to conduct a fire safety drill in the factory.

The fire safety drill is divided into two parts: theory and practice. In the theoretical training, the focus is on actual cases to describe the serious hazards caused by fire and how to take correct escape and extinction methods in case of fire. Then everyone carried out on-site practical operations together, and truly experienced the use and operating procedures of fire-fighting equipment and emergency treatment at the accident site.

This exercise not only allowed everyone to learn firefighting knowledge and how to put out fires, but also further enhanced everyone's safety awareness, keeping in mind relevant safety knowledge, and improving the ability to respond to emergencies and self-prevention and self-rescue.

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