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Cold forging LED Light Heat Sink made by Goldconn

Cold forging heatsink
Process: Cold forging process
Material: AL1070
Color: Black
Surface treatment: Anodizing
  • GD-CF 0022
  • Goldconn

LED Light Heat Sink - Cold forging heatsink

Cold forged heat sink is a good choice for casting complex shapes with excellent thermal conductivity. The cold forging process allows an almost perfect straightness of more fins per square millimeter. The shapes of cold forged heat sink include plate fin heat sink, round pin heatsink and oval fin heat sinks.The manufacture of forged heat sinks are well suited to the use of copper because the copper heatsinkcan be shaped without high temperatures and can be formed with minimal damage. Cold forging heatsink manufacturing can often include secondary processing operations such as holes, chamfering and steps to reduce unnecessary waste.

Goldconn has gained experiences in the manufacturing techniques for high power cold forged heat sink. We have resolved the problems such as the low thermal conductivity of die-casting micro-channels and higher costs for machining micro-channels. We have already applied cold forging heatsink  to cooling solutions including high-voltage inverters, wind power converters, and electric motor controllers.

1.Manufactoring process: Cold forging process

2.Material: AL1070

3.Surface treatment: Clear/black/red/gold anodizing

4.Product type: Customized Design

5.Packing: export standard carton box with pallet.

6.Application: Industry/medical/measurement/house

LED Light Heat Sink


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