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Aluminum/Copper Heatsink Parts

The aluminum heat sink has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, light weight, good heat dissipation performance and good energy saving effect. The surface of the processed aluminum heat sink is anodized for surface treatment, which can increase the corrosion resistance, wear resistance and appearance of the aluminum material Aesthetics.

Aluminum extruded heat sinks are generally used for high-power heat dissipation components and heat dissipation systems. Goldconn can provide reliable heat dissipation solutions in natural convection environments based on the existing mature aluminum extrusion heat sink technology. The aluminum extrusion molding is realized by the mold, which can realize the complex heat dissipation gear structure. These complex heat dissipation gears greatly increase the heat dissipation surface area and reduce the cost and time of aluminum block processing.

Why choose an extruded heat sink?

(1) It is more efficient than stamping and forming heat sink;

(2) More cost-saving than mechanical processing;

(3) There are a variety of standard shapes and sizes to choose from;

(4) Easy customization is lighter than copper, with obvious advantages;

(5) MAX CLIP fastener system does not need to install hardware and tools.

Goldconn is a professional custom heat sink manufacturer in the cooling system field. Which is providing the customers the total thermal solutions in selecting suitable heat sinks, cooling their devices. Especially skiving fin heat sink, aluminum extrusion heat sink, Soldering heat sink, Heat pipe heat sink and Liquid cold plate solutions can be a great support.

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