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Water Cooling/cooled Heat Sink made by Goldconn Water Cooling/cooled Heat Sink made by Goldconn


Water Cooling/cooled Heat Sink made by Goldconn

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Copper pipe heatsink
Process: Extrusion+CNC machining
Material: AL6063
Finish: Clear anodizing
Added process: Copper pipe assembling
  • GD-W 001

  • Goldconn

Manufacturing process:

Heat pipe heatsink

Heat pipe heat sink is composed of sealing tube, suction core and steam channel. The suction core is surrounded on the wall of the sealed tube and impregnated with saturated volatile liquid. The liquid can be distilled water, ammonia, methanol or acetone.

heat pipe heat sink has the following advantages

● Heat pipe heat sink has fast thermal response speed, Its heat transfer capacity is more than 1,000 times greater than that of copper tubes of the same size and weight;

● Heat pipe heat sink  Small size and light weight;

● High heat dissipation efficiency, can simplify the heat dissipation design of electronic equipment, such as variable air cooling for self-cooling;

● Heat pipe heat sink do not need external power supply, work without special maintenance;

● Has a good isothermal, thermal balance, the evaporation section and cooling section of the temperature gradient is quite small, can be approximately regarded as 0;

●  Heat pipe heat sink  is safe and reliable operation, does not pollute the environment.

Goldconn provides custom heat pipe heat sink design and manufacturing and standard heatpipe heatsinks.

Product detailed specification as following

Material AL6063 +Copper C1100
Tolerance +/-0.15mm
Surface Treatment Clear anodizing
Main Process Extrusion=> cutting=>CNC machining =>pipe assembling=>Polishing=>cleaning=>inspection
Quality Control Strictly   Quality control in the whole process, from material to packing
3D projector, caliper, Coordinate-measuring machine
Application Industry equipment
Customized Drawings Auto   CAD, JPEG, PDF, STP, IGS, and most other file formats are accepted


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