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5G Base Station Sheet Metal Processing

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The three major operators are vigorously developing 5G network construction. 5G network construction is inseparable from the application of 5G base stations. However, the deployment of base stations requires consideration of outdoor environments, which directly face the threat from thunderstorms. Therefore, the role of 5G base station chassis cabinet enclosures has changed. It is very important.

In addition to the necessary lightning protection measures, the protection of the base station communication cabinet itself is also a very important link. Nowadays, most base station communication cabinets use a chassis made of stainless steel sheet metal fabrication. In addition to having better rain protection , In addition to anti-fouling and corrosion resistance, the resin powder can be sprayed electrostatically, and the purpose of insulation and anti-static can be achieved at the same time.

As the leading precision sheet metal supplier in Chia, Goldconn has been focusing on the processing and production of terminal chassis and cabinet products in the communications, medical, mechanical, electronic and other industries for many years. It has established a stable cooperative relationship with world-renowned brands for a long time and has a wealth of custom sheet metal fabrication Chassis cabinet experience, can undertake various base station communication cabinets, electrical cabinets, medical cabinets, power distribution cabinets and other precision sheet metal fabrication needs.

5G base station sheet metal processing

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