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Advantages of laser cutting in custom sheet metal fabrication

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There are many ways to shape and cut sheet metal in the market, but few are as accurate, reliable and cost-effective as laser cutting. The technology involved in laser cutting is very effective, and the continuation and improvement of its future capabilities are inevitable.


Advantages of using laser cutting in custom sheet metal fabrication

1. High precision: positioning accuracy of 0.05mm, repeat positioning accuracy of 0.02 mm

2. Narrow slit: the laser beam is focused into a small spot, so that the focal point reaches a high power density, the material is quickly heated to the degree of vaporization, and evaporates to form a hole. As the beam and the material move relatively linearly, the holes continuously form slits with a very narrow width. The width of the incision is generally 0.10~0.20mm.

3. The cutting surface is smooth: the cutting surface has no burrs, and the surface roughness of the cut is generally controlled within Ra12.5.

4. Fast speed: The cutting speed can reach 10m/min, and the maximum positioning speed can reach 70m/min, which is much faster than the wire cutting speed.

5. Good cutting quality: non-contact cutting, the cutting edge is little affected by heat, there is basically no thermal deformation of the workpiece, and the collapse of the material formed during punching and shearing is completely avoided. Generally, the cutting seam does not require secondary processing.

6. Do not damage the workpiece: the laser cutting machine will not contact the surface of the material so that it will not scratch the workpiece.

7. Not affected by the hardness of the material being cut: The laser can process steel plates, stainless steel, aluminum alloy plates, cemented carbide, etc., and can cut without deformation regardless of the hardness.

8. Not affected by the shape of the workpiece: laser processing has good flexibility, can process any graphics, and can cut pipes and other profiles.

9. It can cut non-metals: such as plastic, wood, PVC, leather, textiles, organic glass, etc.

10. Saving mold investment: Laser processing does not require molds, does not consume molds, does not need to repair molds, and saves mold replacement time, thereby saving processing costs and reducing production costs, especially suitable for processing large products.

11. Material saving: Using computer programming, products of different shapes can be cut from the entire board to maximize the utilization of materials.

12. Improve the speed of new product development: After the product drawing is formed, laser processing can be performed immediately, and the physical object of the new product can be obtained in the shortest time.

The emergence of laser cutting is a revolution in the sheet metal processing industry, and it is also one of the core technologies of precision sheet metal suppliers in the future. Goldconn has mature laser cutting technology and can flexibly deal with various customized sheet metal parts. Welcome to contact us.

Laser Cutting Process

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