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Advantages Of Laser Welding Type C Connector

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Type C connectors are widely used in information communication products such as personal computers and mobile devices, and expanded to other related fields such as photographic equipment, digital TVs (set-top boxes), and car control system.

type c female connectors

Automatic laser welding technology is mainly used in the production and processing of Type C connector. The solder between the fixing part and the shell of the Type C connector is welded by laser. Laser precision processing and automation are used to realize the automatic processing of USB type c connector multi-functions.

Automatic laser welding type-c has the following advantages:

1. Synchronous control of kinetic energy, various welding waveform settings, precise control of focus size and precise positioning, and automatic maintenance technology that can produce high-precision and stable welding quality.

2. No need for all auxiliary welding materials, high welding quality, no vent holes, welding compressive strength and ductility equal to or even more than butt welds.

3. High aspect ratio, less welding, less thermal hazard, and less deformation of raw materials.

4. The welding is smooth and beautiful, there is no need to solve after laser welding, just a simple solution.

5. It can maintain multi-channel fiber output and multi-directional laser welding.

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