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Advantages of USB 3.1 Type C connector

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The emergence of the USB 3.1 Type C connector has played a very important role, and more and more devices have begun to use USB 3.1 type c. Why is the USB3.1 Type C connector popular? Today, Goldconn will let you know about the advantages of the USB3.1 Type C connector.

The data transmission speed of USB 3.1 type c can be increased to 10Gbps. Compared with the 5Gbps of USB 3.0, the new USB technology uses a more efficient data encoding system, which doubles the data transmission speed. For users, it saves a lot of time.

The double-sided plug-in design of USB 3.1 type c has greatly improved the poor user experience of the USB data cable, making it more convenient for users and a higher sense of experience.

USB 3.1 type c is backward compatible with existing USB connectors and cables and can be easily compatible with USB3.0 and USB2.0 devices. It is very convenient to use and is deeply loved by the market.

USB 3.1 type c connector is a big trend after all. USB c manufacturers and mobile device manufacturers are deploying USB 3.1 type c, which is of great significance for promoting the popularization of USB 3.1 type c. Type C connector is most likely to become the future connection standard, providing integrated connectivity solutions such as data transmission, peripheral connection, and display output.

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