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Advantages of USB Type C Connector

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At present, consumers can see more and more type c connectors in the market. This is mainly due to the vigorous promotion of mobile device manufacturers, which in turn drives the follow-up of a wide range of type c connector manufacturers. At present, many brands of high-end machines Almost all types use the type c connector interface, that is because the USB type c connector has many advantages.

One of the advantages of the USB-C interface: positive and negative pluggable

100% of the players who use the USB interface have encountered the embarrassment of "the front is not plugged correctly, the back is not plugged correctly, and the front is plugged again." This is enough for USB-C to kill other USB ports, because USB-C is positive. The reverse side can be plugged in. The professional point means that the interface has no directionality.

The second advantage of USB-C interface: stronger power supply

Although the 100W USB power supply is not the same as the USB-C interface, the power supply capacity of the USB-C interface is indeed enhanced. We all know that the power supply current of USB 2.0 is 0.5A, while USB 3.0 has reached 0.9A, USB 3.1 Although there is no change in this aspect, the current of the USB-C interface has not only 1.5A but also 3A to choose from. The current that the interface can carry can actually reach 5A. In theory, the power supply capacity of the typ-c interface can reach up to 25W. It is higher than many QC 2.0 fast charging.

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