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Aluminum Heat Sink Process

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Aluminum Heat Sink Process

As a CNC machining manufacturer, Goldconn produces aluminum heat sinks that are very popular with customers, and has more than 100 customers worldwide. There are many kinds of manufacturing heat sinks processes . Now let everyone know about our commonly used processes.

Heat sink manufacturing process

Cutting heat sink

In the process of making heat sinks, some products have special shapes and cutting processes are required when the product accuracy is high.

Advantages: According to product requirements, as well as product shape, precision, processing technology, choose different processing methods and tools.

Disadvantages: Tool wear is fast, most of which require manual participation or automatic control, and the cost is high.

Application: All heat sinks: sheet metal (heat-absorbing bottom, fins, etc.) forming, heat sink slotting, bottom trimming, special carving, etc.

Aluminum extruded heat sink

The low-density aluminum alloy is heated and melted, and then flows into the inner cavity of the product model. The molten aluminum alloy is extruded by high pressure, and solidified after cooling to form a high-density heat sink primary embryo.

Advantages: low investment, low technical threshold, short development cycle, easy to put into production; low mold cost, production cost, large output; wide application range, it can be used to manufacture separate heat sinks or the fin part of combined heat sinks.

Disadvantages: The shape of the fins is relatively simple, and it is impossible to obtain a large (greater than 20) slenderness ratio.

Application: In terms of heat sink processing, the aluminum extrusion process is mainly used to manufacture the preliminary blanks of sheet fins or columnar fins.

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