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Application Of Metal Stamping

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Metal stamping processing

Metal stamping processing is the production technology of making stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper and other plates and heterogeneous materials in the mold directly subjected to deformation force and deformed by means of stamping equipment and molds, so as to obtain product parts with a certain shape, size and performance.

Metal stamping processing has a wide range of applications in various fields of the economy. For example, in aerospace, aviation, military industry, machinery, agricultural machinery, electronics, information, railways, post and telecommunications, transportation, chemicals, medical appliances, household appliances and light industry, there are stamping processes. Not only the entire industry uses it, but everyone has direct contact with stamping products. There are many large, medium and small stamping parts on airplanes, trains, automobiles, and tractors. The car body, frame, rim and other parts are all stamped out. According to relevant survey statistics, 80% of bicycles, sewing machines, and watches are stamped parts; 90% of TV sets, tape recorders, and cameras are stamped parts; there are also food metal tank shells, steel boilers, enamel bowls and stainless steel tableware. They are all stamping products that use molds; even computer hardware cannot lack stamping parts.

Goldconn is a professional metal stamping manufacturer, Boasting a diverse range of innovative professional products from product design and assembly, precision mold R&D to automatic production, world-class precision mold processing and testing equipment such as Camille and Rhodes, high precision metal stamping equipment, as well as 142 sets of precision CNC equipment, we have become the preferred supplier for our global clients. If you need custom metal stamping parts, please feel free to contact us.

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