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Classification of electronic connectors

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Classification of electronic connectors

Electronic connectors are the bridges for transmitting signals and connecting current in electronic equipment. They can be divided into many types. According to the application environment, frequency, and object, the choice of connectors is also different. The most common connectors are BTB connectors, FPC connectors, FFC connectors, RF connectors, etc. BTB/FPC connector testing can use the shrapnel micro-needle module as the test medium to conduct current and transmit signals. During testing, the shrapnel head is used to contact the object under test, and the other end is connected to the signal, which can transmit 50A high current, It has good connectivity, which can ensure the high efficiency of BTB/FPC connector testing. Facing the connector male and female socket test, the zigzag-type contact male socket of the shrapnel micro-needle module can be used to contact the female socket with a pointed tip to maintain a long-term stable connection. The female socket test yield can reach 99.8%, which is beneficial to improve the BTB/ FPC connector test efficiency.

BTB connector

The BTB connector has the strongest transmission capacity among all connector product types at present, and can be used to connect the pcb board to realize the mechanical and electrical connection. Mainly used in network, communication, electric power, medical treatment, industry, finance, office and other fields.

BTB connectors usually use a narrow-chip contact method, which is characterized by the mating use of male and female sockets. There are three basic performances, namely electrical performance, mechanical performance and environmental performance. With the development of BTB connectors, the market trend is now mainly in light and thin, small pitch, and high performance.

FPC connector

The FPC connector is also called a flexible printed circuit board, which is made of foldable and bent material and is used to connect the display screen to the drive circuit. It plays an important role in many fields such as portable electronic products, communication electronic products, LCD screens, and measuring instruments.

FPC connectors are miniature, compact, and highly integrated, which can effectively save space, simplify wiring procedures and save labor costs. It has the advantage of being foldable, and the application is light and flexible.

FFC connector

The FFC connector is a new type of data cable made of PET insulation material and extremely thin tinned flat copper wire, which is laminated through the production line of high-tech automated equipment, so it is also called a flexible flat cable connector. It can be widely used in products such as copiers, scanners, plotters, fax machines, speakers, etc., for signal transmission and mainboard connection.

FFC connectors are small in size, thin in thickness, simple to connect, easy to disassemble, soft, free to bend and fold, and easy to solve electromagnetic shielding (EMI).

Compared with FPC connectors, FFC connectors have different formation lines. The FFC connector is a flexible printed circuit, which is made of a flat copper foil sandwiched between the upper and lower insulating foil films. The finished product is relatively simple; while the FPC connector is a flexible circuit board, which uses a chemical etching method to remove the FCCL (flexible Copper-clad foil) processing to obtain different single-sided, double-sided and multi-layered circuit layouts.

RF connector

The RF connector is a radio frequency coaxial connector, which is a mechatronics product and is an indispensable key component of a coaxial transmission system, which mainly serves as a bridge.

There are many varieties and specifications of RF connectors, which mainly rely on mechanical structure to ensure electrical characteristics. They are usually considered to be installed on cables or equipment as components for gas connection or separation of transmission lines. RF connectors are an important part of electrical connectors. With the trend of multi-function, miniaturization, high frequency, low standing wave, low loss, large capacity and high power, it is developing towards standardization, serialization and generalization.

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