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Design Process Of Sheet Metal Parts

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Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Compared with plastic parts, sheet metal parts are not as flexible as plastic parts, and their weight is higher than plastic parts, but their structural strength is high, no mold opening is required for conventional shapes, small batch processing is flexible and convenient, and the advantage of short manufacturing cycle is greatly affected. Favored by the world. As a professional custom sheet metal fabrication manufacturer in China, in the product design of goldconn, we have to consider the following issues in addition to user and market needs and product usage scenarios.

1. The design in sheet metal requires reasonable wiring, convenient maintenance and beautiful wiring. At the same time, it meets the requirements for the radius of curvature in the bending process.

2. Consider the heat dissipation design during the use of the product. In the heat dissipation design, first manually calculate the heat power of the equipment, and then calculate the heat dissipation according to the body structure of the cabinet, and then select the heat dissipation equipment of the relevant power model. Then in the CFD thermal analysis software, analyze the reasonable air duct and heat rejection structure.

3. Waterproof and dustproof are also indispensable design requirements for sheet metal products, usually marked with IPXX grade; the first part means dustproof, and the back means waterproof. For example, IP54 indicates that the dust-proof grade is 5, which can block most of the dust accumulation in the equipment; the waterproof grade is 4, which can be poured into the equipment shell with water, and the internal equipment is not affected by damage. A cabinet with such a grade of IP54 can be used in In a semi-outdoor environment. In the design of protection level, we can solve this problem from the perspectives of structural water retention, rubber strip pre-compression, and gentle size.

4. Strength design is particularly important in mechanical design, and sheet metal products are no exception. Only by ensuring that the product has sufficient strength can it meet the reliability and service life of use, and avoid excessive design and waste material costs. In mechanics, only the working stress of a component is less than the yield stress of its material to meet its strength requirements. On the one hand, we manually calculate the stress of the parts, and on the other hand, we analyze the stress and force trend of the structural parts through finite element analysis to evaluate whether the existing structural design meets the strength requirements.

5. Ergonomics is also an indispensable link in product design. Reasonable ergonomic products make the operator feel more comfortable and reduce the boredom of work. We can solve this problem by combining the relevant data of the human body and actual experience.

6. A beautiful appearance can undoubtedly add luster to the entire product, so the appearance design cannot be ignored. Due to the good forming process of sheet metal, it cannot have complex shapes. Therefore, the appearance design must not only break through the traditional box shape, but also facilitate the manufacturing and processing. At this time, experience is particularly important.

7. Consider electromagnetic shielding design again. Electromagnetic shielding is to prevent electromagnetic waves from disturbing the electronic components in the equipment and causing harm to human health outside the equipment shell. In CE/UL/3C certification, electromagnetic shielding is an essential item. When we design, we solve this problem from the perspectives of structural shielding, reliable grounding, and shielding materials.

8. Cost control issues. In the case of quality and quantity, the lower the cost of the product, the lower the price and the higher the market competitiveness. The structural space layout is reasonable, the size is compact, the strength of the parts is within a reasonable range, and no size and space are wasted; conventional processing methods should be used as much as possible to reduce the mold investment when the appearance is satisfied.

Goldconn, a custom sheet metal fabrication manufacturer, has more than 10 years of experience in sheet metal design. Only by manufacturing high-quality sheet metal products for customers can it withstand the test and recognition of the market and users.


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