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Did You Choose The Right USB Type C Connector?

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The usb type c connector, as an interface profile standard, has many types in the market. You may be wondering, why is the usb type c connector divided into categories? The root cause is cost. For powerful Type C products, if all functions are integrated, the cost of the interface will become very expensive. Therefore, many devices only have certain functions of Type C. As the leading type c connector factory in China, Goldconn will explain to you the types of usb type c connectors on the market.

According to different performances, the usb type c connectors on the market can be divided into four echelons.

The first echelon: Comply with the Type-C appearance standard, that is, support positive and negative insertion and normal data transmission. As a consumer-grade product, it is widely used in thousands of yuan configuration mobile phone ports.

The second echelon: Support Type-C, support PD protocol, fast charging. Provide high-reliability signal transmission and intelligent fast charging 100W solutions for consumer products, automotive electronics and other application scenarios.

The third echelon: Support Type-C, support PD protocol, support high-speed signal, support ultra-fast charging for consumer products. Provide high-reliability 5Gpbs signal and power supply solutions for industrial products and other products with high-speed I/O application scenarios.

The fourth echelon: Full-featured, supports Type-C, supports PD protocol, supports high-speed signals, supports ultra-fast charging, supports HDMI, DisplayPort and other protocols, and the transmission rate is up to 10Gbps, which can be achieved when the USB3.2 specification is applied 20Gpbs. It is suitable for high-speed interconnection application scenarios, such as: virtual reality equipment, game consoles, camera equipment and other fields.


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