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Harm Caused By IGBT Module Overheating

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Do you know the harm caused by IGBT module overheating? IGBT module itself has a specific power, the module itself will generate heat, the overall performance and reliability of the IGBT module are affected by temperature. Design rules are often used to compare failure rate figures.

According to the design guidelines, one of the design rules shows that the failure rate will double for every 10℃ rise in temperature when the component operates in an environment above 65℃. So cooling the IGBT module is also vital to work!

IGBT module is high-power semiconductor devices. Loss of power makes the heat more, combined with the IGBT junction temperature should not exceed 125 ℃, should not be long term work at higher temperatures.

The usually large current through the IGBT module, switching frequency is higher, leads to the wastage of the IGBT device is significant also.

If the heat is not spread out in time, make the device junction temperature over 125 ℃, IGBT module should not be long-term work under the critical temperature,

The damage is terrible IGBT heat sink temperature overheat is IGBT damage affects the operation of the machine work.

IGBT overheat may be the cause of impaired driving waveform, or current is too large or too high switch frequency, also may be due to poor heat dissipation condition,

In the case of cooling this plus the corresponding thermal design scheme of the heat badly sinks given priority to with transfer and the temperature of the module to allow faster cooling, the purpose of the heat sink is to increase the cooling area so that the IGBT power device heat is transferred to the air.

Goldconn heat sink products also include IGBT heat sink. We cooperate with many industry users to provide them with a high-quality IGBT heat sink, IGBT water cold plate, IGBT heat pipe heat sink, and so on.

If IGBT module heat dissipation is not good and the temperature is too hot, it will directly damage or affect the whole machine's operation. Come to Goldconn.

We have a professional thermal management engineer who can provide you with IGBT accurate thermal countermeasures to let your IGBT module away from the danger of overheating. Goldconn heat sink has always been committed to developing and producing a variety of high-power electronic heat sinks, including IGBT, to provide users with better products and better services.

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