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How Many Steps Are Needed To Custom Sheet Metal Parts?

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Goldconn is one of the precision sheet metal manufacturers in China, specializing in the production of custom sheet metal parts. So, what are the common sheet metal processing steps? Goldconn introduces you to the processing steps of sheet metal.

Our common sheet metal processing is mainly composed of six major steps. The following is a detailed introduction: sheet metal processing drawing design -> laser processing or (CNC stamping) -> bending -> welding and forming -> electrostatic spraying Powder or (liquid paint) -> Packed and shipped.

1. Drawing design: General customers provide drawings or samples, which will be measured, designed, and unfolded by the company's engineering staff to form a processing and assembly drawing and submit it to the production department for processing.

2. Laser processing: A laser cutting machine can cut carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials. Laser cutting is used. After processing, the section of the workpiece is neat, smooth and beautiful, and the size is accurate. It is more suitable for workpieces with arcs. The advantage is a processing method that cannot be replaced by general CNC stamping.

3. Numerical control punching: The turret CNC punching machine is mainly for the thinner product processing material thickness, generally the material below 2.5mm is more suitable, the sheet metal processing workpiece has more holes or the workpiece that needs special molds to be processed when the batch is large Using CNC stamping has certain cost advantages.

4. Bending: After the workpiece is ready if most of it needs to be bent and formed, the company has multiple computerized bending machines, which are not only fast, but also more precise in workpiece processing.

5. Welding forming: The workpiece generally needs to be assembled and formed after the material is loaded. There are many kinds of assembly methods. Some are directly formed by non-welding processes such as screws and riveting. Generally, the sheet metal of the mechanical shell is mostly formed by welding, and the company generally adopts argon arc Welding, butt welding, carbon dioxide welding, etc. After welding, the workpiece is polished, so that the workpiece is firm and beautiful.

6. Electrostatic powder spraying: Electrostatic powder spraying is mainly for carbon steel workpieces. Generally, the process of degreasing and rust removal, surface conditioning cleaning, phosphating treatment, electrostatic spraying, high-temperature baking and other processes are carried out first. The surface of the workpiece is beautiful after treatment. , Will not rust within a few years, low cost and other advantages.

Liquid paint: This process is different from electrostatic spraying. Generally, it is aimed at large workpieces. It is convenient and low cost to use liquid paint when it cannot be transported. Liquid paint is generally divided into two steps. After the workpiece is processed, the primer is applied and then applied Topcoat.

7. Packing and shipment: 100% inspection is carried out before packing, and inspection data is provided.


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