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Introduction of Sheet Metal Riveting Process

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Sheet metal connection methods are generally welding, bolt connection, rivet riveting, etc. These connection methods are commonly used in the field of mechanical manufacturing to connect sheet metal parts. Goldconn is a professional Custom sheet metal fabrication manufacturer. The riveting process is often used in the production of sheet metal parts. So what is the riveting process? What are its types?

Riveting refers to the connection method in which the nut, screw material and the plate are connected together by means of pressure riveting, swelling, extrusion, etc.

What are the types of riveting?

1. Active riveting. The coupling parts can rotate with each other. It is not a rigid connection bai.

Such as: scissors, pliers.

2. Fixed riveting. The combined parts cannot move with each other. This is a rigid connection.

Such as: squares, nameplates on the three-ring lock, and bridge construction.

3. Sealed riveting. The riveting seam is tight and does not leak gas or liquid. This is a rigid connection.

There are two types of riveting: cold riveting and hot riveting. Hot riveting has good tightness, but there is a gap between the riveting rod and the nail hole, which cannot participate in the force transmission. When cold riveting, the nail rod is upset, the account is full of nail holes, and there is no gap between the nail rod and the nail hole. Steel rivets with a diameter greater than 10mm are heated to 1000-1100°C for hot riveting, and the hammering force per unit area on the nail shaft is 650-800MPa. Steel rivets with a diameter of less than 10mm and rivets made of non-ferrous metals, light metals and alloys with better plasticity are commonly cold riveted.


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