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Is there a market for auto parts molds in the future?

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With the penetration of small consumer electronic devices into all aspects of our lives, Type C female connectors need to adapt to various environments. The waterproof type c connector is one of them, which has the function of waterproof protection while ensuring the integrity of the signal. When the equipment is splashed, overflowed or even dropped into water by liquid, the waterproof type c female connector can still work normally.

The waterproof function of waterproof type c female connector is mainly realized through four processes.

1. There is a very obvious difference between the wiring of the pin terminal and the traditional automatic machine plug-in process. The allogeneic injection molding process can be used to form between the pin and the plastic body. When the pin is embedded in the plastic, make sure that there is no gap between the pin and the plastic tongue. This process is a measure of the front-end waterproof process.

2. The thermoforming combined process of plastic body and metal shell avoids the gap between metal and plastic in the case of different materials. The main function of this process is to prevent water leakage at the bottom.

3. Set the installation position of the seal ring at the front of the connector. The material of the sealing ring used is silica gel. The water resistance of silica gel is very good.

4. Double shell design is adopted in the structure, and the main interface adopts a stretched inner membrane. On the other hand, the product is fixed on the hardware shell, which can effectively avoid the impact of the opening formed when the pin is inserted on the waterproof performance of the product.

After the emergence of the waterproof type c female connector, it can not only ensure that the interior of the product does not leak, but also ensure that the electronic products work normally under water. For those who need to use electronic equipment in a special environment, this is true. It is a great benefit.

Goldconn produces high-quality waterproof type c female connectors, they understand the different preferences of customers, have a variety of designs for customers to choose from, and provide customized services to meet customers' special needs.

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