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Type C Female Connector

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[Industry News] Precautions For The Use Of Type C Female Connector
The TYPE C female connector is one of the commonly used USB sockets. Most electronic devices will use the connector that uses the USB type-c interface. The most important plug-in for the type-c connector is the type-c female connector. Now I will introduce you to the matters needing attention in the
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[Industry News] Fault Detection Method Of Type C Female Connector
The circuit of the TYPE C female connector interface is mainly composed of filter capacitors, inductors, South Bridge chips, etc. The failure rate of the TYPE C female connector interface circuit is relatively high. The common ones are that the usb interface cannot be used or used abnormally. The us
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[Industry News] What Are The PIN Specifications Of Type C Female Connector?
In Type C female connector, common connectors include 6 PIN Type C female connector, 12 PIN Type C female connector, 16 PIN Type C female connector, 14 PIN Type C female connector, 24 PIN Type C female connector, etc. These names are based on the number of PIN pins. Goldconn is the leading USB conne
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[Industry News] Introduction of Type-C Female Connector
Goldconn is a professional Type C connector manufacturer in China, let me introduce you to the relevant knowledge of Type C female connector.
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