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Fault Detection Method Of Type C Female Connector

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The circuit of the TYPE C female connector interface is mainly composed of filter capacitors, inductors, South Bridge chips, etc. The failure rate of the TYPE C female connector interface circuit is relatively high. The common ones are that the usb interface cannot be used or used abnormally. The usb interface circuit generally has TYPE C Failure caused by false welding of female socket, abnormal power supply, open circuit of inductance, short circuit of capacitor, etc.

TYPE C female connector 1

Fault detection method of TYPE C female connector

(1) A multimeter can be used to detect. First, adjust the multimeter to the DC voltage range to zero, ground the black test lead, and connect the red test lead to the measured type c female connector socket voltage pin. Normally, the supply voltage is about 5v.

(2) Then measure the resistance of the data pin and the clock pin to ground. Normally, it is 500 to 700 ohms, but the difference between the resistance of the data pin and the clock pin to ground is generally not 5 ohms.

(3) If the data pin and clock pin of the TYPE C female connectors are abnormal. Then you can measure whether the capacitance, exclusion, and inductance in the usb interface circuit are normal to the ground resistance. Generally, the normal resistance is between 500-700 ohms. If these are normal, it is likely that the South Bridge components are damaged. Replace the components. Just the bridge.

(4) If the interface circuit is abnormal, measure the fuse resistance. When it is normal, the fuse resistance is generally about 1 ohm. Through the operations explained above, you can troubleshoot problems such as troubleshooting the USB interface circuit.

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