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Introduction of Type-C Female Connector

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Goldconn is a professional Type C connector manufacturer in China, let me introduce you to the relevant knowledge of Type C female connector.


Since the USB interface was introduced in the 1990s, digital devices have basically adopted this USB interface! We have used this interface type B, Mini USB, USB2.0, Micro USB, and the faster and more advanced USB3.0 interface, but currently there is a new interface USB 3.1 on the market, also known as TYPE-C connector , As can be seen from the 3D diagram of the product, USB 3.1 uses a more miniature interface. With the popularity of USB 3.1, there are more and more applications of Type C female connectors on the market.

The raw material of type-c female connector is brass, which is characterized by easy production, stable product size, low impedance, matte tin plating on the surface, beautiful appearance, high temperature resistance, raw material is phosphor bronze, and features good elasticity, wear resistance, and touch resistance Low, gold-plated appearance, the product is wear-resistant and beautiful in appearance, and the information transmission speed is fast. The raw material is LCP material, which is characterized by high temperature resistance and high insulation function, so that the product SMT will not deform or foam when the temperature exceeds 260 degrees Celsius.

Type c female connector is more and more widely used, mainly because of these characteristics, so it is welcomed by the market. The type c female connector can support the function of front insertion or reverse insertion, so that consumers do not need to distinguish between the front and the back, and can insert it casually. The type c female connector can withstand more than 10,000 plugs and unplugs, and is of good quality and can be used with confidence. The type c female connector port design is very small, but the transmission speed can reach 10Gbit/sec.

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