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Precautions For Surface Treatment Of Sheet Metal Processing

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Goldconn is a leading precision sheet metal fabrication manufacturer in China, with more than 10 years of sheet metal manufacturing experience. Last week, I introduced the commonly used surface treatment methods for sheet metal processing: What surface treatment used in sheet metal products? This week, I will introduce to you what should be paid attention to in the surface treatment of sheet metal processing?

Precautions for surface treatment of sheet metal processing

1. All electrochemical treatments should be carried out in the state of parts because the chemical solution during the treatment process will be trapped in the gap of the assembly and cause corrosion.

2. Spot welded parts can be chemically treated, but not electrochemically treated.

3. Aluminum alloy castings cannot be treated with sulfuric acid anodizing.

4. Thin and long tube-shaped parts are generally not suitable for electrochemical treatment, because there will be no film on the inner surface; (special measures can be taken to meet the requirements in special circumstances).

5. After the parts with deep grooves or pores are electroplated, the inner surface of the parts cannot be completely covered with the plating layer.

6. It is best to perform phosphating treatment on steel parts before spraying to increase the adhesion of the coating.

7. To improve the corrosion resistance of bright nickel-plated steel parts, copper plating or dark nickel plating can be used as a primer.

8. Zinc-based alloys generally use electroplated layers for protective decoration. In order to improve the bonding force of their coatings, they generally need to be pre-plated with copper or nickel.

9. Because most organic gases have corrosive effects on zinc, the galvanized layer should be carefully selected in the design of sheet metal processing to contact with organic materials or be assembled in the same enclosed body.

10. For electroplated parts with riveting requirements, the processing procedure must be electroplating first, and then riveting.

The above is the content sharing about the matters needing attention in the surface treatment of sheet metal processing, I hope it will be helpful to you. Goldconn, a precision sheet metal manufacturer, provides long-term sheet metal processing services for enterprises. Processing strength and services are guaranteed. It is a good choice for you.


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