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Precautions for Type-C connectors in the soldering process

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Probably many people have some understanding of Type-C connectors. However, the Type-C connector soldering may be unfamiliar. The welding of the connector is as necessary as its use, maintenance, and repair.

Proper soldering of Type-C connectors, product failure, and extending the product's life to obtain accurate test results have a significant impact. Before the connector product is used, the product needs to be soldered.


So, TYPE-C connectors in the welding process, and what details should be noted?

Let's learn about it!

The Type-C connector can be divided into wire ends, and board ends. However, for these two kinds of welding, the details need to pay attention to that there is no difference. All must strictly adhere to the operating procedures, and there can be no false welding.

However, the wire end of the Type-C connector in the welding, you must also pay attention to the wire, and the connector in the welding point can not be left too long so as not to cause a short circuit with the neighboring solder joints connected.

At the same time, the Type-C connector wire end and the board end the difference is that the Type-C connector interface directly with the wire for welding use belongs to the wire end. In contrast, the board end is the Type-C connector interface welded to the PCB board for connection use.

Whether Type-C connector wire end or board end, our lives are prevalent. For example, we need to use every day to charge the phone charging cable belonging to the Type-C connector's wire end; cell phones and computers on the connector interface belong to the board.

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