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Precision CNC Machining, Embracing The Era Of Robots

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In those years, manufacturing costs continued to rise, and precision cnc machining were present all the time. With the continuous development of mechanical parts processing, the variety of precision cnc machining on the market is gradually enriched, which puts forward higher requirements for the development of precision cnc machining. Looking for new production methods, expanding new requirements for safe, intelligent, and efficient development, the general trend of "machine substitution" came into being, and ushered in rapid expansion and development in the process of promoting the transformation and upgrading of mechanical parts processing.

Nowadays, in the production lines of intelligent precision cnc machining plants, the scene of rows of uniform machines replacing manpower for the processing of precision mechanical parts has become common. However, in the early years, this simple and complicated machining of mechanical parts had to rely on manual labor, either done by workers or operated by CNC machining centers. The appearance and application of mechanical parts processing robots have brought changes to the industry's long-term traditional development.

Compared with precision cnc machining, robots have the advantages of more flexibility, precision, wide application, and long service life. They have become the main trend of the future development of the mechanical parts processing industry. Driven by the comprehensive advantages, the existing mechanical parts processing robot market has developed strongly. In the past five years, the application of robot technology in mechanical parts processing has increased from 9.5% to 17.4%. In the future, the in-depth exploration of the application potential of the existing field and the extension of the emerging application scenarios of precision mechanical parts processing, the market for conventional mechanical parts processing robots will usher in further development.


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