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Sheet Metal Bending Process

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Those who are familiar with sheet metal processing technology know that bending is the more difficult one in sheet metal processing engineering, and it is also the most technical engineering. As an experienced custom sheet metal fabrication manufacturer, Glodconn will introduce you to the sheet metal bending process.

Sheet metal bending processing, metal sheet bending and forming are carried out on the bending machine, the workpiece to be formed is placed on the bending machine, the brake shoe is lifted with the lifting lever, the workpiece is slid to the appropriate position, and then the workpiece The moving shoe is lowered to the workpiece to be formed, and the metal is bent and formed by applying force to the bending lever on the bending machine.

Due to the different materials, thickness, length, width of the plates and the different shapes and angles that need to be formed, there are bending machines with different tonnage and size pressure equipment, equipped with upper and lower molds of different heights, shapes, and V widths. Special molds with special shapes.

Bending processing is divided into three categories: partial bending, close bending, and embossing bending.

1. Partial bending: It is a method of bending at right angles and obtuse angles by using an upper die below 88° and a lower die with V=12t (V means groove width and t means material thickness).

2. Close bending: It is a bending method of right and obtuse angles at 90°. V=6~12t is selected for the lower die for close bending.

3. Imprint bending: Use 90° upper mold for right-angle bending. (It is a standard right-angle bending). Imprint bending lower mold uses V=5~6t.

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