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Skills To Reduce The Cost Of Custom Sheet Metal Parts

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People often ask us the best way to reduce the cost of custom sheet metal parts. Fortunately, for our customers, there are countless ways to achieve this goal. As the leading precision sheet metal fabrication manufacturer in China, Goldconn teaches you the best way to reduce the cost of parts by slightly changing the custom part design.

1. Material

Parts made of stainless steel or aluminum are cheaper than custom sheet metal parts made of electroplated or painted mild steel. For small volume or low weight parts, cost can be saved.

2. Tolerance

When producing precision sheet metal parts, tolerances can be lowered according to the environment in which the product is used. When designing parts, we recommend carefully checking that the tolerances included are appropriate and not spending too much money.

3. Bend

Reducing or eliminating welding in custom sheet metal parts usually reduces costs. It is usually cheaper to add bends or fasteners. Sometimes, by making more bends on the part, the amount of welding required can be reduced. If a part can have an inner radius or an outer radius, and the inner radius or outer radius can be determined by bending or welding, the overall cost of the part can usually be reduced.

4. Quantity

Increasing the number can also reduce the cost of individual parts. It is also expensive to perform complex or multiple settings on small batches of parts, and increasing the number of orders can save costs.

5. Deadline

Rush orders are also very expensive. Very urgent delivery dates usually require additional costs to successfully complete production in order to catch up with fast delivery deadlines.

Goldconn employees also have more knowledge about custom sheet metal parts. We are committed to providing you with the best products at the best prices. If you have any questions about precision sheet metal fabrication, please contact us!

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