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The Difference Between Automatic Bending And Manual Bending?

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Bending is a process often used in custom sheet metal fabrication. In the past, most CNC bending machines required manual operations. However, with the continuous development of bending machine automation, automatic bending technology has become more reliable and economical. The production that uses a lot of manual operations, this situation is changing. Since we are always looking for faster and better metal processing methods, robotic bending automation technology has attracted widespread attention. Goldconnis, a professional precision sheet metal manufacturer in China, is also very experienced in bending technology. Now I will analyze the difference between automatic bending and manual bending.

Manual operation of the bending machine

The worker picks up a cut sheet from the pile; orients it, slides it between the upper and lower knives until it touches the rear stop, and finally lowers the upper die mechanism to bend the workpiece. This is hard work, especially for large and heavy metal plates, which requires several people to handle it. Moreover, humans are prone to make mistakes under high-intensity manual labor. If you are not careful manually, you may place the wrong position or form the wrong angle, or even forget that the machine is working.

Automated bending process

The robot cannot move at will if it is fixed in front of the bending machine. In order to ensure that the sheet material is accurately controlled, the robot usually clamps the sheet material and puts it down on the designated platform; then, the robot adjusts the position again to clamp the sheet material before placing it on the bending machine for bending work. Automatic bending improves production efficiency and saves costs. Manual bending will be gradually replaced.


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