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The Difference Between Customized And Standard Electronic Connectors

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 electronic connectors

It is a viable choice for some common devices to use standard electronic connectors. As for other special devices, choose customized electronic connectors.

Customized connector products usually include engineering technology and mold manufacturing costs, and these up-front costs may become one of the factors in choosing customized electronic connector solutions. However, when the cost of connector design and mold is determined, the cost of customized electronic connector products is usually higher than the unit price of standard connector products.

Choosing customized and ready-made electronic connector products is different from:

1. Customize signs or other markings according to customer requirements;

2. A unique design is required to ensure that only specific cables or connectors can be plugged into the equipment;

3. It is necessary to carry multiple signal types in a single connector, such as: high voltage, low voltage, high bandwidth, data, thermocouple, etc.;

4. To better meet the cost targets of medical devices;

5. The unique pin socket pattern or connector shape is used to prevent incompatible connector products from being inserted, and the purpose is to improve the safety of medical devices.

6. The shape of the connector product selected must be selected according to the shape of the medical device.

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