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The Manufacturing Process Of Electronic Connectors

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As an electronic connector manufacturer, Goldconn provides customers with excellent products. Now I will introduce to you the manufacturing process of electronic connectors, which are mainly divided into 4 steps, stamping, electroplating, injection molding, and assembly.

The manufacturing process of electronic connectors

1. Stamping

First, the product model is made, and the thin metal plate is made into the desired product shape by the high-speed punching machine, and the metal belt is pulled out by the reeling wheel and the finished product is rolled out and stamped.

2. Electroplating

After stamping, it should be sent to electroplating. The electrical contact surface of the connector will be plated with various metal coatings.

3. Injection

The plastic box seat of the electronic connector is made in the injection molding stage. The molten plastic is injected into the cavity of the product mold, then rapidly cooled to form, and finally, the finished product is ejected.

4. Assembly

Assemble the electroplated product and the injection-molded plastic box. Electronic connector manufacturers require that all pins are checked for missing and correct positioning during the assembly stage.

The above is the manufacturing process of the electronic connector, each process requires experienced staff to operate in order to ensure the quality of the product. Goldconn strictly controls the product quality and reasonable price advantage and can become your long-term partner.

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