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The trend of the TYPE-C connector

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TYPE-C connectors

There are many applications of TYPE-C connectors in the current electronics industry. I believe everyone is familiar with them. Today’s brand-name mobile phones use TYPE-C connectors, Apple, Samsung, Huawei mobile phones all use this type of connector.

Compared with the old connector, the power transmission is one-way; the current TYPE-C connector, the power is two-way transmission, which means that the TYPE-C connector has two different transmission functions, which can be mobile The power supply charges the mobile phone, and the mobile phone can also be used to charge the mobile power supply.

In the future, the development trend of type c connectors will get better and better. Nowadays, most mobile phones use TYPE-C connectors. The battery charges fast, the interface has no front and back sides, and it is convenient to use. This element is all TYPE-C connectors. Selling point.

The main application of type c connector is on smartphones, tablets and laptops, which are deeply loved by consumers and the feedback is very good. In the near future, we will apply to more fields, such as automobiles, communications, Internet, IT, diagnosis and treatment, household appliances, etc. As people’s pursuit of portability devices increases, smartphones and ultra-thin notebooks rise, it is difficult to layout larger data interfaces and more interface types on the devices. In the office environment, the development trend of Type-C connectors will be It is getting better and better, and it is convenient for users to work.

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