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USB Type C Connector Interface Waterproof Detection

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Type C connector is a product that is more adapted to the development trend in the future and has a huge market space. Due to its product characteristics, the waterproof performance requirements for the type-C interface are very high. If the waterproof performance is not good, the risk of leakage will occur. It directly threatens the life safety of users. At present, type-C waterproof testing methods include laboratory submersion method and online testing. At present, type C connector manufacturers mostly use waterproof testers for type-C waterproof testing.


type c connector waterproof

Difficulties of type C connector waterproof detection

1. The type C connector is small and thin, and some products have grooves on the edges and slots inside, which require higher fixture design.

2. The product output is large, and the type C connector is small in size, and the upper and lower parts are easy to take up time. In order to improve the efficiency of TYPE-C waterproof detection, a four-channel instrument is used for detection. At the same time, it adopts a rotating disk design, and the instrument does not work intermittently to achieve maximum efficiency.


Type C connector waterproof testing process

1. Install the workpiece in the fixture, press the start button of the equipment, the cylinder automatically presses down to compress the sealing ring to achieve sealing, and then the instrument realizes automatic detection according to the set parameters.

2. The instrument first inflates the sealed cavity and the internal standard cavity of the instrument (15-20kPa), after balancing for a period of time, the differential pressure sensor reads the pressure difference between the sealed cavity and the standard cavity of the workpiece, and passes through a series of algorithms (effectively eliminates the environment Factor influence) After that, the specific leakage value will be displayed on the screen of the instrument, and the alarm indicator will indicate whether it is qualified or not.

3. At the end of the instrument test, the cylinder is automatically lifted, and the rotating disk automatically rotates to the other side for the next round of testing, while the operator installs the upper and lower parts.


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