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What Are The Benefits Of Skived Fin Heat Sinks?

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There are many kinds of manufacturing processes for custom heat sinks. According to different product designs of different powers, the heat sink production process will be different. For high power heatsink, skived heat sinks production technology has developed rapidly in recent years, and even replaced the insert heat sink technology in a certain field. So what are the benefits of skived fin heat sinks technology?

Skiving fin heatsink

The advantages of using skived fin process heat sinks are as follows:

(1) Skived fin heat sink has a higher heat sink density, increases heat dissipation area, and improves heat dissipation performance;

(2) The height of the skived fin heat sink can reach 120mm, which fully meets the production requirements of most heat sinks;

(3) The skived fin heat sink can be made thinner, generally 1.5mm or even 1.0mm, which can make the heat sink lighter;

(4) The skived fin heat sink is shoveled on the prototype material, so the heat dissipation efficiency is not damaged, reaching 100% of the heat dissipation efficiency of the prototype material, and there will be no risk of loosening and falling, improving the reliability of machine operation;

(5) Skived fin heat sink has high compatibility, and the possibility of later processing is also great. It can also cooperate with buried copper pipes and other processes to improve heat dissipation performance;

(6) The skiving heat sink has high production capacity, and the processing cost is easier to control, which is suitable for mass production.

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