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What Are The Characteristics Of Type C Connectors?

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As the leading electrical connector supplier in China, Goldconn offers Type c connectors and other USB connectors. Type c connector is a relatively new type of interface, which is the mainstream of the current connector. Now more and more customers in the market like to use Type -C connector, what are the characteristics of Type c?


Features of Type-C connector

1. Slim: As mobile phones, computers and other devices become more and more miniaturized, Type-C connectors have changed a lot in size in order to adapt to increasingly slim devices, only 8.3×2.5 mm in size.

2. Transmission rate: The data transmission rate of USB3.1 can reach more than 10 Gbps, which is several times that of other devices.

3. Non-directional: The Type-C interface is non-directional, that is, it can be paired with both positive and negative plugs, which greatly improves the ease of use of the USB interface;

4. Strong power supply capability: USB3.1Type-C interface can provide up to 100 W power output, that is, the two-way power supply can be realized through Type-C interface: it can not only charge the device itself but also supply power for external wiring devices;

5. Powerful scalability: Type-C can transmit audio and video signals, extend to HDMI, DVI, VGA and other audio and video output interfaces, and even achieve 4K resolution scalability.

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