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What are the precautions for sheet metal welding?

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precision sheet metal fabrication

The welding used in sheet metal fabrication processing is a processing method in which two scattered precision sheet metal fabrication parts are heated to the melting point and cooled to form a firm joint. The process of sheet metal welding has certain dangers. Then, the welding of sheet metal What are the precautions?

Prevent electric shock

During welding operations, there are two types of electric shock accidents: one is direct contact, that is, contact with a charged body; the other is indirect contact, that is when it touches a non-charged object under normal operation, it is called a charged object due to insulation damage or equipment failure.

Ventilation and dust removal

Welding ventilation and dust removal is an important protective measure to prevent welding fumes and harmful gases from harming human ladders. Comprehensive ventilation and local ventilation should be done. Comprehensive ventilation is to ventilate the entire workshop through mechanical ventilation systems such as ducts and fans. Comprehensive ventilation should be used to eject smoke or blow-suction ventilation.

Prevent arc radiation

To prevent the hazards of the welding arc and spark burns, it is necessary to wear protective clothing correctly and choose light-shielding glasses with suitable working conditions. At the same time, an arc protection room or a shield made of flame-retardant materials should be set up in the welding workplace.


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