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What are the types of material of sheet metal? 5 Common types you should know

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By using the comprehensive cold working process, manufacturers can make a variety of components from thin sheets of metal. This process, called sheet metal fabrication, is versatile and includes steps such as splicing, shearing, and riveting. Sheet metal is typically no more than 6 mm thick and is available in various types. What are the types of sheet metal? 

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There are five types of material for the sheet metal:

▪ Alloy Steel

▪ Stainless Steel

▪ Carbon Steel

▪ Galvanized Steel

▪ Aluminum


Alloy Steel

As the name implies, alloy steel combines multiple elements to achieve customizable properties. The primary component of this material is carbon steel. Common additions include tungsten, chromium, manganese for rigidity, vanadium, and nickel for strength. In addition to their versatility, alloy steels are very affordable.


Stainless Steel

This type of sheet metal is ideal for products often exposed to wet environments. It contains chromium, an element that significantly reduces corrosion caused by harsh or humid environments. Components made from stainless steel sheet metal can extend the life of a product or structure, from kitchen sinks to office buildings.


Carbon Steel

Iron is alloyed with carbon in this sheet metal material to provide a high-strength option. Depending on the desired application, manufacturers can choose low, medium, or high carbon content steels.

Small amounts of carbon yield a versatile material, most commonly found in everyday items such as fences and gates. Medium carbon steels are a popular choice for automobiles and appliances—higher carbon content results in a more brittle product ideal for delicate items, such as electrical wiring.

        Carbon steel is available in five different grades


Galvanized Steel

Two types of galvanized steel are available: electro-galvanized sheet and hot-dipped metal-coated sheet. The former consists of cold-rolled annealed steel. It has a pure zinc coating and no zinc highlights. The latter consists of cold-rolled hardened steel coated with pure zinc and an iron-zinc alloy. This galvanized steel has higher corrosion resistance and is more affordable than the electro-galvanized sheet.



Aluminum is a good choice for applications that require a lighter-weight material. This type of sheet metal provides significant corrosion resistance even without surface treatment. Aluminum is also strong and can be laser cut, welded, and machined.


The above are the 5 common types of material of sheet metal. Suppose you want to know more about sheet metal. In that case, you are welcome to collect our website. You can contact us directly if you have any business needs about sheet metal.

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