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What is sheet metal process

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Sheet metal fabrcation is a process by NCT punching or laser cutting in which plates of various thicknesses and chemical assemblies are processed into semi-finished products and finished products made of sheet metal. We use sheet metal with up to 12 mm thickness and plates with sizes of up to 1500 mm x 3000 mm.

Manufacturing Processes:

(1) CNC Punching, Laser/ Flame Cutting

(2) Shearing & Bending

(3) Machining & Drilling

(4) Automatic/Robotic Welding

(5) Fastener Installation

(6) Surface Finishing


(8) Outgoing inspection


What We Can Offer You:

(1) As per your drawing(3D/CAD) to produce parts.

(2) Support samples validation procedure.

(3) Support Small batch production, high volume production.

(4) High quality and competitive price.

(5) CNC centers and quality control.

(6) CMM or third-party quality inspection service if needed.

(7) Strong flesibility to meet your requirement on lead time, delivery,logistics.

Following raw material are most often used:

(1) Steel alloy: SPCC,SGCC,SECC,GL,SPHC,SPTE,etc...

(2) Stainless steel:SUS301,SUS304,SUS316,SUS430etc...

(3) Aluminum alloy: AL5052, AL6061,AL1050,etc...

(4) Copper alloy:C1100, C2680,etc...

Following surface treatment are most often used:

(1) Powder coating

(2) Liquid painting

(3) Zinc plating

(4) Nickle plating

(5) Tin plating

(6) Anodizing

(7) Chromate

(8) Silkscreen

We custom manufacture parts based on your requests or drawings, please send your Request for Quotation.


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