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What Is The Processing Cost Of Sheet Metal Parts

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As a professional precision sheet metal fabrication manufacturer, Goldconn makes high-quality sheet metal parts that meet customer requirements according to customer requirements. The cost of sheet metal processing is usually higher for other metal processing, so which parts of the cost usually include? Goldconn will explain it in detail for you below.

Processing cost of sheet metal parts

(1) Raw material cost. Usually refers to the net material cost of sheet metal required for sheet metal parts, based on the maximum length and width dimensions of the part drawing × thickness × density, material cost = material weight × material unit price.

(2) The cost of hardware accessories. Refers to the purchase cost of a complete set of accessories (such as locks, hinges, handles, nameplates, rivets or standard fasteners) according to the product drawings.

(3) Processing costs. Refers to the cost of product processing. Processing costs usually include the depreciation and amortization of the equipment used by each station, the cost of man-hours and the auxiliary materials required for processing.

① Blanking: Shearing machine, CNC punching machine, laser cutting, plasma, special die punching machine, etc. The blanking equipment has different depreciation and amortization expenses, processing quality and precision, and production efficiency.

②Forming: bending machine, rolling machine, riveting equipment, etc., number of bending knives, number of welds, welding requirements, welder skills, etc., and calculate equipment depreciation and amortization, labor costs, and auxiliary supplies item by item.

③Surface treatment: refers to the cost of electroplating, oxidation, wire drawing, polishing, spraying, silk screen, etc.

④Packaging cost: the cost of purchasing packaging materials according to the product transportation method and packaging requirements.


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