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What’s the benefits of USB Type C connector

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The standard USB Type C connector contains 16 data transfer pins, 4 power pins, and 4 ground pins for 24 pins. Now with a power capability of up to 240 W, USB Type C is a viable option for many applications that require a lot of power and can replace the standard DC power connector even when data transfer is not required.

The most significant benefit of using USB as a power supply method is standardization. USB connectors are ubiquitous, and the transition to USB Type C is rapidly gaining momentum. Many new phones and mobile devices are already equipped with USB Type C, and it is increasingly likely that the EU will adopt USB Type C connectors as the charging standard for all devices in the future. The convenience promised by using a single, off-the-shelf cable type for many different products is extremely attractive to end-users. From an OEM perspective, these connectors (power and data+power only) are easy to find, and the supply chain is very stable, as standardization ensures a degree of interoperability. The standard also ensures easy design integration, and the footprint of the Type-C connector is much smaller than many barrel connectors. Finally, USB Type C connectors are rugged and can withstand 10,000 insertions and removals, ensuring long life and longevity.

usb type c connector 

Why do you need USB Type C?

        A USB Type C port's presence (or lack thereof) is increasingly becoming a consideration when buying a PC. If you buy a slim laptop, it will almost certainly have at least one USB Type connector, automatically bringing you into the ecosystem. If you prefer a desktop, you're sure to find a USB Type C connector there, with at least one of them on the motherboard-side I/O panel and probably more on high-end and gaming desktops. Some desktop and aftermarket PC cases also put one on the front panel. (However, desktop DIY types should be aware that USB Type C ports on the front or top of a PC case require specific USB Type C connectors on the motherboard side, and only later model motherboards have these.)

  Even if you don't need a USB Type C connector now, you will need it soon. We've only scratched the surface of USB Type-C's capabilities. Still, one thing is for sure: the next generation of cross-platform connectors is rapidly replacing older protections, just as the original USB standard replaced Apple's Desktop Bus (ADB), FireWire, parallel, PS/2, SCSI, and serial ports on Macs and PCs. USB Type C is indeed the one connector that can rule them all.

  The USB Type C connector and Power Delivery standard open up a new way of looking at power management and delivery. In contrast, not the ultimate solution. Its high power capabilities and global standardization make it an excellent choice for considering many different products. The USB Type C connector is an exciting solution for engineers when only power is needed due to its lower cost and simplified design integration.

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