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What should I do if the sheet metal welding process is deformed?

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Custom sheet metal parts will encounter some problems in the production process. In custom sheet metal fabrication, the deformation of the welded parts is one of the many problems. How to deal with the deformation problems of sheet metal welding?

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(1) Choose an appropriate welding sequence. For a welded structure with many components, the components should be welded and rectified separately, and then assembled and welded as a whole. In this way, it is always less deformed than assembling into a whole first and then welding. In addition, local parts can be installed and welded at the same time, and the operation is also more convenient.

(2) Choose a reasonable welding sequence. In order to prevent welding deformation, in the welding sequence, the strip welding method, back welding method and symmetric welding method should be adopted.

(3) Anti-deformation method. It is to give the weldment a deformation opposite to the post-weld deformation before welding, and the deformation of the workpiece before welding is just offset after welding.

(4) Rigid fixation method. This method is very effective in reducing welding distortion.

(5) Choose reasonable welding methods and specifications. The energy density and heat input of the heating seam of various welding methods are different. For thin plate welding, select welding methods with high energy density, such as carbon dioxide gas shielded welding, plasma arc welding instead of gas welding and manual arc welding. Can reduce welding distortion. When welding aluminum and aluminum alloy structures, gas welding has much greater deformation than manual argon arc welding.

For a precision sheet metal manufacturer, the welding method is based on specific regulations and materials. The production and processing steps are unavoidable in the process of laser welding. In the process of custom sheet metal fabrication, the purpose of production and processing is achieved or separately The edge seam of the part is welded by electric welding to improve its compressive strength.


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